Marriage and Couples Therapy


As human beings, we are wired for intimacy. Our most important relationship need is a sense of connection with another, an underlying sense of security that when we need our partner, he or she will be there for us, and an understanding that we are not alone in the world. Often, couples reach out for support from a therapist when one or both partners is/are unable to get their core needs for intimacy, attachment, and connection met in their partnership. Couples sessions can help partners learn to heal from disconnection and isolation, and move toward reconnecting in a way that will support meaningful communication, mutual understanding and appreciation, and increased emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical intimacy.


As a comprehensive counseling center, Shoreline offers marriage counseling as well as couples counseling for non-married partners including life partners, LGBTQ couples, dating couples, engaged couples and divorcing couples in the greater New Haven area.

Our therapists are able to support clients in addressing a range of issues, including but not limited to, infidelity and trust issues, communication skills, marital conflict, parenting issues, step-parenting, life planning, and overall difficulty connecting to one another in a meaningful way. 


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Shoreline Wellness Center accepts most commercial insurance plans, Medicaid (Husky), and Medicare! 


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