Medical Staff

Dr. Samya Hawley, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist & Medical Director


Dr. Hashem-Hawley is a Connecticut Licensed and Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist. She has been a part of our team for 5 years. As part of Shoreline's team Dr. Hawley goes above and beyond for our clients. She is known for having a passion for working with our child and adolescent clients.


Trainings and Areas of Interest

Disaster Psychiatry Training- Yale New Haven Hospital, 2001

Grief and Loss Training- Yale New Haven Hospital, 2001

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Yale New Haven Hospital and VA West Haven, 2002

Substance Abuse training- VA West Haven, CT, July 2002-2003

Alcohol and Polysubstance Abuse Clinic- VA West Haven, CT July 2003-June 2003

Pediatric Consultation Liaison Psychiatry training- CT Children's Medical Center, 2004-2006

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Training- In progress

Dr. David Matuskey, MD

Adult Psychiatrist & Medical Director


Dr. David Matuskey is our one of our Medical Directors. He is a board certified psychiatrist and neuropsyhiatrist with research work that has been translational in nature and focused on elucidating the underlying pathology of neuropsychiatric conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, substance abuse, and movement disorders with an aim to find effective clinical treatments guided by molecular neuroimaging. 


As part of Shoreline's team Dr. Matuskey provides great value to our office. He is known for his friendly, compassionate, and kind approach to his work with our clients. 

Lori Skevas, APRN

Advanced Practicing Nurse


Come back later to learn more about Lori!

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